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MDTC Jewelry

Handcrafted 18K gold Chain

Handcrafted 18K gold Chain

Ordinarie pris $13,500.00 USD
Ordinarie pris $15,000.00 USD Försäljningspris $13,500.00 USD
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Metal :18K gold 

Stones :Natural diamonds,Ruby ,Sapphire,Emerald 


Gold weight :110 grams 


Enjoy our cooperation and craftsmanship

Unveiling the quintessence of handcrafted elegance with our latest creation. Every link in this necklace is a testament to the artistry of tradition, meticulously assembled by skilled hands. Adorned with the vibrant hues of hand-set precious gems, this piece isn’t just jewelry—it’s wearable art. Witness the luxurious harmony of gold and gemstones, a tribute to the connoisseur’s pursuit of perfection. #swaggman #MDTCJewelry #Craftsmanship #LuxuryArt #handmadejewelry

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